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TAWK is my ongoing final degree project, an online platform rooted by a site-specific discussion show, created for, and by young people, who seek a space to express and have their voices heard. Each episode revolves around a central topic, using different sites in the area as a lens for discussion, with new and returning guests. relevant to each issue.

The TAWK studio-bike is a modified bike trailer that transforms into the filming set and also contains all the equipment needed to make the show happen. this mobile capability enables discussions to take place on site, in an environment that relates to and adds context to the what is being discussed. further unpacking the issues being discussed, and introduce people living locally to different ways to understand and respond to the issues that affect them.

TAWK creates the space for discussion and engagement with current topics; offering entertaining, informative viewing, whilst also creating opportunities for content creation, video production, discussion, and storytelling telling and a tool for others to use as a way to involve young people in about issues that relate to their projects.

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